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GL Awakenings

Gifted" students Jack Ebner, Maria Lune Chase, and Kara Meacham are all realizing that they are having a terrible time at Madison College Preparatory. Though they are making lots of friends and are enjoying their classes, their peer advisor, Crispien Sill, constantly berates them, and they aren't happy with that. The three new students, after two months, are seriously considering their positions at Lund House.

However, things change when an old student, Page, comes to Lund House seeking revenge against his former school, especially his old advisor, Crispien. And who better to attack than the three new students? After all, he knows that they do not like Crispien, and they have no idea of why they are really at Lund House.

The truth about Lund House and the first of the two major arcs starts out with a blast, and you don't want to miss a second of it.


::Chapter 1::

::Chapter 2::

::Chapter 3::

::Chapter 4::

::More soon!::



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